I’m reading The Billfold right now, a very fun personal finance site. Their tagline is Everything about money you were too polite to ask. Awesome. My favorite column so far is “Doing Money.” People from all income brackets describing how they handle their money situations. The internet is a wonderful thing. I just read this […]

I don’t have a budget. It just didn’t work for me (but that’s not to say they wouldn’t work for others). Instead, I track my expenses without imposing firm limits on myself. Here’s how I got started: In 2007, I started getting serious about personal finance. It was my senior year of college. I had […]

This is the first post in a series called “Frugality is…” There are a lot of frugality tips available on the internet and your local public library (my favorite frugality tool). But choosing which ones to use is the fun part. Personal finance is personal because there’s no standard way of achieving financial goals. And […]

*Note: This is NOT a sponsored post (emphasis on the not). You can read the bolded lines and the five point summary at the end if you want to save time. Last week I read this article in the New York Times about a company called Learnvest. Learnvest used to just post articles about personal finance — […]

*Note: The loan forgiveness programs I’ll discuss here are available in the U.S. I don’t know what’s happening in other countries — but I would love to learn. I have some international readers, so if you know of loan forgiveness programs available in your country (or know why your country doesn’t have the same student […]

A few months ago, I found this simple calculator on Mother Jones. It compares your food spending budget to what others in your city or in your age group are spending. It also shows you how the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) categorizes your spending. I entered my numbers and here’s what I learned: See […]

Based on a report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, over half of 259 American retirees surveyed have $25K or less saved for retirement. The chart below shows the amount of savings that workers think they need for retirement, their “retirement number.” A thousand workers age 25 and over were surveyed. Their answers varied between […]

I have kept a list of every book I’ve read since 2008. I wasn’t always a reader. But I made the commitment that year to develop the reading habit. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I also wanted to learn more about personal finance. I read whatever I could find at the public […]

Personal finance. Frugality. Minimalism. For me it’s about separating what matters from what I’m told by others to care about… by the media (blogs included), advertising, and strangers and friends around me. The advertising industry is a multi-billion dollar machine designed for you to find new things to want. There is no business model I know of […]

I’m a fan of small housing. Small houses make me feel like I’m camping. They remind me of being a kid and when all I needed was my bedroom (that I shared with my sister) and something to draw with or read to have a blast. Proof: restrictions help creativity flourish.  Small spaces come with […]