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Change how you track expenses as often as you change your goals

I don’t have a budget. It just didn’t work for me (but that’s not to say they wouldn’t work for others). Instead, I track my expenses without imposing firm limits on myself. Here’s how I got started: In 2007, I started getting serious about personal finance. It was my senior year of college. I had […]

What is a normal food budget?

A few months ago, I found this simple calculator on Mother Jones. It compares your food spending budget to what others in your city or in your age group are spending. It also shows you how the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) categorizes your spending. I entered my numbers and here’s what I learned: See […]

Limit your largest fixed expense with a smaller home

I’m a fan of small housing. Small houses make me feel like I’m camping. They remind me of being a kid and when all I needed was my bedroom (that I shared with my sister) and something to draw with or read to have a blast. Proof: restrictions help creativity flourish.  Small spaces come with […]