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Frugality is… having real goals

After college I had a dream of moving to the Northwest U.S. (Seattle/Portland area). To me, it was a magical place full of good music and movie theaters you could eat in. So for a whole year whenever I thought of buying or accepting something offered to me, I’d think: “Would I move across the […]

Limit your largest fixed expense with a smaller home

I’m a fan of small housing. Small houses make me feel like I’m camping. They remind me of being a kid and when all I needed was my bedroom (that I shared with my sister) and something to draw with or read to have a blast. Proof: restrictions help creativity flourish.  Small spaces come with […]

How do you organize your financial life?

Six years ago I was moving out of a college dorm room for the last time. This one wasn’t the worst move but I had accumulated tons of paperwork from my first credit card, brokerage account, retirement accounts, student loan documents, etc. I wanted to have a better system to organize my “grown-up” financial life […]

Why and how I started learning about minimalism

Let me start by defining what I mean I don’t mean by “minimalism.” I don’t mean painting everything I own white and having only one chair in my apartment (I have two). I don’t mean spending thousands of dollars on a space-saving couch that morphs into a coffee table, desk, and bed. And I especially don’t […]